Sunset Over Manhattan


Composer, Eva Kano Jazzberries "Little" Orchestra Founder

Piano/Ukulele Instructor, Entrepreneur

Eva Kano is an active American musician living in New York City.

She was raised in Tokyo, Japan, but moved to New York in late 90's to grow her musical career. She started to play the piano at the age of 4, and enjoyed writing songs, singing and playing the guitar when she was a teenager. Her first album, Partner including all of her original compositions, was released in 1997 (Published by Fuji Pacific). Eva was invited by a producer, Joey Carbone to record her original compositions with Joe Williams, Jason Scheff, Mike Pocaro and Richie Zito in Los Angeles in 1998. She was influenced by her fellow jazz musicians who joined the recording of her second album, Ten Nights released in 1998 including 10 of her original compositions, and decided to learn jazz vocals and jazz piano in New York.


Eva continued to write her new songs while she was improving her jazz vocal skills, and recorded her 3rd album, Melody including her original compositions and jazz standard songs in 2002. Her jazz vocal teacher, a jazz vocalist, Shoko Amano offered Eva to perform a showcase with other jazz vocalists, and she made a debut at Blue Note New York in 2003. She recorded many jazz standard songs with Brian Charette, Walter Fischbacher, Dan Furman, Joost Swart, Manny Duran, John Webber, Satoshi Inoue, Nobuki Takamen. Her jazz vocal album, Eva Kano Best Selection where she picked the jazz standard songs recorded with all the above jazz musicians was released in 2011.


Eva attended The City College of New York to earn BFA in Jazz Performance Degree in 2016. She encountered her next instrument, ukulele to accompany herself and started working at a ukulele store, Uke Hut in Long Island City. She hosted her Ukulele Platform where she invited her duo partners to perform every Friday. A year later, Eva's first ukulele jazz album, New Chapter was released (Jazzlele Records) which gained some good reviews including All About Jazz, Jazz Corners.

The pandemic didn't discourage Eva to keep achieving her next goal. She decided to have10 of her original compositions that she wrote 2 decades ago arranged in big band style, and recorded with her new orchestra, Eva Kano Jazzberries "Little" Orchestra. The album, Stories was released in fall, 2020, which you can listen to and purchase at, and read some good reviews published by All About Jazz and Jazz Corner.