Jazz Corner

Eva Kano serenades hearts and ears on new ukulele-filled jazz album

(Published: August 21, 2017)

Although a known multi-instrumentalist, Eva Kano fell in love with the ukulele and chose to have her own ukulele jazz album. Entitled The New Chapter, the album has eight tracks that will serenade hearts and ears. 

"Singing You A Lullaby" is short, sweet, and simple. It joyfully represents a mother's love for her child. No matter what happens, a mother's love will be with her beloved children all throughout their lives. Her lullaby will be her symbol of love, and Kano was able to translate it through her voice and music.

"Why Don't You Do Right" will keep listeners engaged and joyfully entertained. The song was arranged to be upbeat and graceful. Kano's signature singing style and the track's catchy lyrics will make you smile from beginning to end. This is the perfect cut to make you feel good.

"Stella By Starlight" will leave fans amazed and breathless. This track boasts a sound that is calming to the senses. Kano uses her ukulele and her voice to dramatically represent a music that is one with the nature; it's the perfect way to end the album. "Stella By Starlight" is a song that will make you appreciate the things existing around you.

The New Chapter is an album that never bores. Kano's musical talent takes center stage and delivers a performance worth praising. It is hard to think that she only recently learned how to play the ukulele, as it seemed that she had known the ukulele since forever. All eight tracks are sure to delight due to its unique and beautiful sound.