No Depression

Eva Kano invigorates cool jazz with ukulele on new album

SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 

Jazz music is unlike any other genre, because it has a way of relying heavily on beautiful personal dynamics. Even if they are playing the exact same figure, different musicians will have a whole new different way to express their vision and make it all happen. In Eva Kano’s case, not only is she presenting listeners with her own take on jazz, but she ups the ante by introducing an instrument that is not too commonly associated with the genre: the Ukulele!

This talented performer set out to take the humble “uke” and explores its possibilities and textures in a whole new way. Kano is a talented and accomplished performer who shines for her unique approach. Her release, New Chapter, stands out as a prime example of her talent and musicianship. The album features lush sonic textures and elegant production vibes, making for a smooth and pleasant listening experience that will appeal to fans of cool jazz.

With New Chapter, Kano distinguishes herself as a classic, direct, and visionary performer with the ability to ignite her music with a unique personality.